Laura Epler  Artist                                        

Self Portrait.JPG

“ While the fact that Laura Epler’s art does not fit into a specific category may seem a weakness, it is actually the fearless strength of creativity.  The paintings do not need categorization; they are beyond that need in both their emotional content and their technical ability.  The paintings move back and forth from hints of subject matter to abstraction, from didactic to spiritual.  One senses that she started where Rothko and Pollock ended, infusing them with post modernist concerns of journalizing, mysticism and feminism.  The results are paintings, which can be read only on a solitary level requiring intelligence and intuition.  Gazing into the paintings, almost falling into them, one feels the layers of paint symbolic of expression and discovery.  Then upon realizing the “connectedness” of it all-essentially life and art-the satisfaction arrives.”

D. Lambert/Arts Digest