Good Trouble

       48" x 72"

Best Friend Best.jpg

Bart's Shadow

      52" x 74"

IMG_2986 copy.jpg

Sixty Seven

47" X 72"


Twenty Twenty

           43" x 72"

Wedding Couple  36X70  Mixed Media.jpg
Wedding Couple
        36" x 48"
Lassie came Home  36X70  Mixed Media.jpg
Lassie Came Home
         36" x 48"
She Was Born.jpg
She Was Born With Snakes In Both Her Fists
                                         52" x 52"
In Private
Kiss Mama's Ass
         36" x 60"

In Private

IMG_zbt 1.jpeg
Sitting Ducks Dropping Like Flies
                        51" x 71"
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